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English writing

The Good Girl, 1970 and a Bit

Translated from the Czech by Cyril Simsa School essay on the subject of borders. The borders on the south and west of Bohemia are sombre and suspicious, surrounded by a zone of several kilometres where entry is forbidden.  Border guards and dogs.  In our school… Číst dále »The Good Girl, 1970 and a Bit

Between Us Girls

BETWEEN US GIRLS  by  Eva Hauserova Translated from the Czech by Cyril Simsa My mother was always completely impossible when she tried to talk to me in confidence — woman to woman, as they say.  I couldn’t stand it. That evening I had come back from a… Číst dále »Between Us Girls

Madwoman – an excerpt

Translation by Bernie Higgins Suddenly I recollected Robert’s terrific skin, soft as whipped cream, and how awfully attractive and pleasant his huge body was. I always used to nestle against him, wanting to cry without knowing why. Now I had the feeling I would die… Číst dále »Madwoman – an excerpt